Public Relations Photography
What is it and Why do I Need it?

public relations photography dallas

Wish so much money being reallocated to other areas in business and with art budgets being eliminated all together companies are being crushed by the voracious demands of social media.
What does social media rely on?  Content.  Is a picture worth a thousand words?  So they say and clichés are usually clichés because they’re true.  So regardless of whether your business is one that relies on visuals or not, you are expected to have a presence in social media. 
How do you maximize your social media?  With photos of every event you have, every conference every convention, award ceremony or commemorative dinner.  Why?  People inherently are drawn to images of themselves.  So, you “tag” each photo in each posting and that notifies them they are in images from your event. 
Not only are those people notified, anyone who is friends with them is notified.  Suddenly you have a ton of traffic being driven to your site via your social media channels. 
Once people get to your site- what do they want to see?  Images.  Can you imagine looking for a new house and you go to a real estate site with tons of links to houses that only show the statistics?  What if you are looking for a new hot restaurant and you go to the site and it has the menu items, the contact information and directions?
We use images to lure people to our businesses.  If you don’t have any, you are being left out in the cold and can NOT compete effectively.  At minimum, everyone in your company needs a professionally done head shot. 
Additionally, if you are not featuring video on your site (and I don’t mean done with your web cam) you are way behind.
I know the art budget seems dispensable but it isn’t when it comes images.  Sell yourself.  Sell your product.  Sell your property.  BUT- DO NOT settle for an amateur with a digital camera. 
The market is flooded with amateurs and the water has been rising for five years since digital all but ate film photography.  Anyone with the money to buy even the lowest consumer quality camera calls themselves a “photographer.”  I call them “fauxtographers.”  This is where you can not jeopardize your budget, your reputation or your image.  Professional photographers are expensive- there is a reason for that.  It is the ONLY job they do.  They work in their field exclusively and have a vast base of experience and knowledge.
Would you hire a speaker for your next event you’d never met, talked to or had any idea whether he was actually a key note speaker?  NO!  Would you hire an attorney that went to law school but never actually practiced law?  NO!
If you are having an event of any kind, a ceremony, a luncheon with a speaker, a convention or a master mind function- you are doing yourself a disservice not to have photos taken.  At Hilary LiDestri Photography, we can take it further, set up a green screen, have your logo put in the background and print the images on the spot so your attendees have a memento to take away with them.  People rarely throw away photos and all the better if your LOGO is on it. 
So, when your image is on the line and on-line, make sure you are putting the best one forward.

Top Five Reasons You Need Professional Public Relations Photography

*    If you are in business you have an image.  Make sure you are projecting the best possible image.
*    If you are selling yourself or your time, people need to know who you are, what you look like and where you spend your time and how.
*    Social media is NOT going away, so you need to use it and use it to the nth degree.  Count on the fact your competitors are behind this curve as well and jump on it.  You NEED content.
*    It’s tempting to hire someone who just bought a digital camera, to save you some cash, but it will cost you more in the long run when you have to redo everything.
*    People love to have their photo taken and either take one away or see it show up on-line whether it’s on your website under “events” or in social media.  An active and dynamic social media campaign and website will illustrate how dynamic you are as a person or business.

public relations photography dallas


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